During the District 95 Spring Contest, we will be holding 3 Official contests in English for:

  • International Speech Contest
  • Table Topics Contest
  • Evaluation Contest

As well we will be holding 3 “contests” in German:

  • Deutscher Redewettbewerb
  • Deutscher Stegreifredenwettbewerb
  • Deutscher Bewertungsredenwettbewerb

There may be an additional contest held – more details to come later.

1. Contest Procedures

Contests must originate at the club level and proceed through the area, division, and district levels, respectively. Only contests following this progression are permitted at each level. All clubs are eligible to advance contestants to the area level in all contests, regardless of the contest language or the primary language of the club.

The Speech Contest Rulebook is protocol and applies to all official Toastmasters speech contests. Modifications to rules may only be made through the administrative protocol review process. Exceptions shall not be permitted.  The rulebook is available here:



2. Eligibility

A. To be eligible to compete in any official Toastmasters speech contest, a member must:

1. Be a paid member of the club, area, division, and district in which he or she is competing. a) The club must also be in good standing. b) A new, dual, or reinstated member must have dues and membership application current with World Headquarters.

2. In addition, to be eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest, a member must:
a) Have completed six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual or a minimum of two levels in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. However, a charter member of a club chartered less than one year before the club contest is permitted to compete without having completed this requirement. The club must have officially chartered before the area contest.

3. Maintain eligibility at all levels of any contest.
a) If at any level it is determined that a contestant was ineligible to compete at any previous level, the contestant must be disqualified. This disqualification must occur even if the ineligibility is discovered at a later level and has been corrected.

4. The following are ineligible to compete in any Toastmasters speech contest:

  • A member serving as a chief judge, voting judge, or tiebreaking judge beyond the club level for a contest in which the member is still competing or intends to compete
  • Incumbent international officers and directors
  • Region advisors or region advisor applicants
  • District officers whose terms expire June 30:
    • District director
    • Program quality director
    • Club growth director
    • Administration manager
    • Finance manager
    • Public relations manager
    • Division director
    • Area director
  • International officer and director candidates
  • Immediate past district directors
  • District officers or candidates campaigning for elected positions for the term beginning the upcoming July 1
  • Presenters of education sessions at the event at which the contest will be held, including area, division, and district events, as well as the International Convention

5. Contest chairs, chief judges, voting judges, tiebreaking judges, timers, counters, sergeants at arms, and test speakers may not compete in the contest at which they are serving.

6. The winner of the World Championship of Public Speaking® held in August during the International Convention is not eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest again at any level.

7. Toastmasters who are members in more than one club and who meet all other eligibility requirements are permitted to compete in each club contest in which paid membership is held.

  • No contestant can compete in more than one area speech contest of a given type, even if the two areas are in different divisions or districts.

8. Each contestant must be physically present to compete beyond the club level. Participation by audio, video, or other remote technology is not permitted beyond the club level. (Exceptions: participants in the International Speech Contest Region Quarterfinals and Video Speech Contest.)

Contest Registration