Art Museum

The art collection is one of the finest in Northern Europe with significant Nordic and international artwork from the 15th century up until today. It is located at the very start of the” high street” of Gothenburg, Avenyn or the Avenue by Götaplatsen. Among the collections, you’ll find masterpieces by P.S. Krøyer, Carl Larsson, Edvard Munch, Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet, Picasso Chagall, and others. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions, family activities, lectures, workshops, guided tours, a shop, and a café.

Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg, an amusement park located in the centre of Gothenburg, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sweden. With 42 attractions, several gift shops, food courts and restaurants it has something for everyone. Even if you are not too hooked on rides you will enjoy its fantastic flowers and small gardens all around the park.

Botaniska Trädgården

Gothenburg Botanical Garden or ”Botaniska” as it is called in Gothenburg, is one of the ”lungs” of Gothenburg with its abundance of flowers, plants and trees. The area in total is 175 hectares (ca 430 acres), of which most constitutes a nature reserve including an arboretum. An oasis for recreation and contemplation not far from city centre.

Trädgårdsföreningen with the Rose Garden

The Garden Society of Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen, is one of the best preserved 19th-century parks in Europe. Here you can find thousands of roses, carpet beddings, and lush woodlands. The palm house from 1878 houses exotic plants in a Mediterranean climate. Make sure to stop by the rose garden with its café. More than 1200 different types of roses bloom there every year.

Volvo Museum

The history of Volvo since the start in 1927.  There are over 8000 square meters of cars, buses, machines, engines and unique concepts. All by the local manufacturer Volvo. Apart from cars, buses and other vehicles, the museum also has exhibitions on Volvo Ocean Race and Volvo Golf Experience. A café, shop and a playground for children is located at the entrance.

Gothenburg Archipelago

The Gothenburg Archipelago has over 20 islands with an endless number of gems to discover. It stretches along the coast like a string of pearls. You don’t have to travel far from the city to find charming villages, stunning nature, and beaches. Seal safaris, sea-fishing, and boat excursions are just some of the activities available here.

No cars are allowed in the southern part of the archipelago which makes this the perfect destination for long walks and bike rides. You travel on the same ticket the whole way from the city, including the ferry from Saltholmen. The northern part of the archipelago is accessed by a car ferry from Lilla Varholmen at Hisingen and you can bring your car to most islands.


Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar

Gunnebo House and Garden are located in Mölndal, a city by itself, and a suburb of Gothenburg. It is one of the most complete 18th-century estates in Scandinavia. Gunnebo House was constructed at the end of the 18th century as a summer residence in the neoclassical style for John Hall, one of the wealthiest men in Gothenburg. Be sure to check out the Orangery, one of the most ambitious reconstructions of our time.
The shop and the restaurant are open daily year-round and during the summer, they feature food from the garden plot. The House can be seen with a guide throughout the year.

Mölndals Kvarnby

The old part of Mölndal is called Kvarnbyn, or ”mill village”. It is a cultural heritage with its soaring river that used to power the machines for the industries in the area. Today it is a unique environment of museums, arts & crafts, living areas, and restaurants.

Mölndal Galleria

Mölndal Galleria is a new service and shopping center of Mölndal. It is located close to the regional tram, train and bus station that takes you to Gothenburg in about 10 minutes.